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Regional Infrastructure Mt. Elephant Project

Project Mt Elephant is located at the Lithium Valley, a well-known district already being explored by four Lithium companies worthing U$150M+ including Sigma Lithium. The project has 1.300 hectares supported by field office with a robust infrastructure.

The city of Coronel Murta is located at the heart of the Lithium Valley, side by side with Sigma (already producing and delivering spodumene concentrate), within 250-550km of main airports and ports.

The government of Minas Gerais launched the  “Lithium Valley Brazil” initiative in May 2023, aimed at enabling regulatory simplicity and streamlining the permitting process for environmentally sustainable projects in the region.

Additional 2.900 hectares of areas (Thorn River) were added to M4E’s portfolio at the Lithium Valley (neighboring both Sigma and Atlas assets, in a prolific NE-SW corridor).