Energizing Tomorrow: Developing the next generation of Hard-Rock Lithium deposits in Latin America

M4E is exploring and developing sustainable Lithium deposits to suppport the planet transition to a greener energy supply

What Sets Us Apart

Unique land package

M4E has the largest land package among Brazilian Lithium companies, spread along all the pegmatite provinces in Brazil, and bearing multiple evidences of Lithium presence.

Focused in Brazil

Brazil has a Lithium potential as large as Australia (the biggest producer in the world). The country has a friendly mining jurisdiction and is becoming a hotspot for world-class Lithium discoveries.

Top-Notch Team

Management team with extensive experience in exploration and business across the best mining companies in the globe, with proven track-record of exploration success.


M4E’s areas concide with Brazil’s Lithium potential

Mining Rights
Pegmatites Mapped

M4E has the largest land package among Lithium Companies in Brazil

OUR Projects

Flagship projects at Lithium Valley and Borborema, plus a large and high potential Greenfield land package

M4E Lithium

Projects Overview

M4E Lithium


Founding of M4E Lihtium

May 2021

Acquisition of the 1st package of mineral rights

Surface mapping works

New areas negotiation for drilling in 2022


Size: 7 areas, 5k hectares, 14 pegmatites

2nd Half of 2021

Mar: Option agreement signed on Lepidolite asset area

Jun: Seed round funding

2nd Half: Drilling Program at Lepidolite asset area


Size: 16 areas, 14k hectares, 47 pegmatites


Strategy change - focus on Spodumene and diversify across provinces

Feb-Jun: Expansion of land package across pegmatite provinces

May: signed agreement on Mt.Elephant areas at Lithium Valley

Jun: Start of Drilling Program at Mt.Elephant


Size: 33 areas, 36k hectares, 69 pegmatites

1st Half 2023

Jul-Dec: Drilling program at Mt.Elephant

Jul-Sep: Whitebushes and Greenfields land package expansion

Oct: Start of Drilling Program at Whitebushes

Oct: Kick-off scouting program at Greenfield areas

Dec: Additional option agreements signed at Lithium Valley


Size: 77 areas, 91k hectares, 114 pegmatites

2nd Half 2023


Leading the company with excellence

M4E is led by a management team with extensive experience in exploration and business across the best mining companies in the globe, with proven track-record of exploration sucess. ​

Why Brazil?

Huge untapped potential

Brazil is relatively unexplored in lithium, despite having a pegmatite province comparable to that of the world’s largest producer, Australia

A friendly mining jurisdiction

The Brazilian government (left and right parties) is presenting the country at investment events to attract private capital to the lithium industry

Why Lithium?


Countries around the entire globe are supporting Electric Vehicles


50+ countries (including the largest ecomies in the world) already implemented national-level legislation supporting transition to Electric Vehicles (and 20+ countries pledged net-zero carbon emission).


Car manufacturing companies announced over $1 Trillion investment in Electric Vehicle


Car manufacturing companies (not just Telsa, but Ford, VW, BMW, Stellantis, Mercedez, Toyota, Honda and a group of chinese companies) announced $1Trillion+ investments until 2030 to produce Electric Vehicles.


Electric Vehicles demand shall multiply 5x-10x in the coming decades


10 million EV cars were sold in 2022. The world needs to replace, every year, carbon engines in 145 million vehicles (among cars, motorcycles and buses/trucks).


Lithium demand shall keep a strong pace of growth to keep up with Electric Vehicle demand


Lithium demand is almost 100% from Electric Vehicles. In order to keep the pace with Electric Vehicles production, the Lithium demand shall multiply 5x-10x.


There is no superior alternative to Lithium


Lithium is the smallest, lightest and one of the most reactive metals on earth. There is no superior alternative to Lithium to produce Electric Vehicles Batteries. (sodium is considered an alternative, but it is 3x larger and heavier)


The world may need even more Lithium than expected


Applications that may demand more Lithium than expected: VTOL Aircrafts (Vertical Take-Off and Landing), Solid State Batteries (safer and superior batteries that use even more Lithium), Stationery Batteries that demand higher energy density

Want to take part in this new chapter of Latin America`s Lithium development?

As we advance our exploration portfolio in Brazil, we're opening doors for stakeholders to engage in unlocking Brazil's lithium potential.​

"Lithium is the new Oil"